Frequently Asked Questions

I don't have much time.
The application usually takes about 10 minutes. It's faster if you have available the value of your jewelry items.
I value my privacy.
We do too. We keep all personal information private and will not sell it to any other companies, advertisers or third parties.
What happens when I enroll in Paperless Delivery?
You will receive an email notification whenever a new billing or policy document is available to view in “eDocuments” within your online account.
What email address will be used for Paperless Delivery?
The email you provide with this application becomes your online account username, as well as your email for Paperless Delivery. All notifications for eDocuments will be sent to this email address.
How can I view my documents online?
You will need Adobe Reader to view the documents, which are available as PDFs. Log in to your online account to view, save, or print billing and policy documents.
What if I want to cancel Paperless Delivery?
You can cancel Paperless Delivery at any time by logging into your online account and going to "Account Settings" to update your delivery preference. The transition back to mailed document delivery may take up to 30 days.
What jewelry items should I include?
Include anything you would be upset to lose. We want to help you protect every item you treasure; once it's insured, you'll have peace of mind knowing we've got it covered.
What if I have loose stones?
We cover loose stones while they are being set by your jeweler. This is important if you purchase stones on the internet or elsewhere and then work with your jeweler for mounting and setting of the stone. This coverage is not found in most jewelry insurance policies.
If I lose my Tiffany® ring, will I be able to get the same name-brand replacement?
With our repair or replacement policy, we replace with "same kind and quality," especially important when you have name-brand jewelry, such as Tiffany®, Cartier®, or Harry Winston®. Our goal is to make repaired or replaced jewelry virtually indistinguishable from the original, so you don't have to sacrifice quality.
Why is a recent appraisal important?
The value of jewelry can change over time. A current appraisal helps make sure you're covered for the most accurate amount - especially important in instances where your jewelry is worth more at the time of a claim than it was when you last submitted an appraisal. We want to help you avoid incurring additional out-of-pocket expenses to pay for the difference.
How do I find a professional appraiser?
We accept current appraisals or evaluations from any appraiser. You may refer to the American Gem Society or the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers for a list of appraisers by state. The appraisers for both organizations are specifically trained in jewelry appraising.
I'm giving the jewelry as a gift.
We always try to contact the primary applicant with any questions we have using the phone and email provided, so make sure the contact information you provide is accurate. We will only contact the other wearer if we cannot reach the primary applicant.
Why does it matter who wears the jewelry?
Identifying the actual wearer of the jewelry allows us to provide the right amount of coverage based on a number of factors, such as where the wearer lives and how often the item is worn.
What is my routing number?
The routing number is different in the U.S. and Canada. Check out the U.S. example and the Canadian example.
Why do you ask if I or the wearer have been convicted of a crime?
We ask these questions to determine eligibility for insurance as part of the underwriting process.
What is mysterious disappearance?
Mysterious disappearance is when you can't pinpoint when or where the item went missing. For example, you open your suitcase and your necklace is gone. It's one of the most common ways jewelry goes missing, and with us, you're covered.
What is unscheduled jewelry coverage?
An unscheduled jewelry option is available to anyone with at least one jewelry item scheduled on their policy. It provides limited coverage for jewelry valued at $1,000 or less without an appraisal. Many choose this option because it offers coverage and peace of mind for spontaneous jewelry purchases. Call us for details at 888-884-2424.
Why Jewelers Mutual and not my homeowners or renter's policy?
If you think your jewelry is covered by an existing policy, read it thoroughly and evaluate whether or not you're comfortable with that level of coverage. Standard homeowners policies often provide limited jewelry protection, frequently excluding jewelry damage and loss. Many homeowners and renters policies may also force customers to use impersonal jewelry repair or replacement companies, or to obtain several estimates before proceeding with a claim. We believe suffering the loss or damage of a diamond ring or other piece of valuable jewelry is hard enough. We do not require multiple estimates and you have the flexibility to work with your own trusted jeweler for repair or replacement work.